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More nuance to how I feel about states of consciousness

I wrote a blog post about how I feel about the states of consciousness and more importantly why I don't want to alter my usual state of consciousness. Here, I want to provide even more nuance to that, in order to most accurately describe how I feel about it.

In addition to every reason that I had already listed, there are some other specific things I want to keep "normal".

  • I want to be able to think clearly, including being able to make decisions normally.

  • I want to behave the way I would normally.

  • I want to be within my typical range of feelings/emotions. This means that I am okay with being a bit more focused, alert, or awake from coffee because sometimes I am normally like that. Whereas, I don't want to be at an abnormal level for those things and I certainly don't want to be jittery. I am okay with a bit of warm and happy from alcohol because I sometimes feel like that anyway, but I don't want to feel ANY emotion outside of my typical range.

  • I don’t want to lose balance.

  • I don’t want to lose motor skills.

  • I want my normal vision as well as the other senses.

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