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Identifying What My Culture Actually Is

I have studied, observed, interacted with, and been a part of many cultures to varying degrees. There are plenty of aspects I like or at least can appreciate for each of them, but there are also many aspects I dislike, reject, and don't identify with. I've talked a lot about not being a direct product of your environment, knowing your profound values and desires, and not succumbing to biological impulses and social pressures. I have also discussed extensively the lack of sense of belonging in my experience. What I haven't clearly stated is what my culture is. I haven't identified what kind of culture it would take for me to feel a sense of belonging or even to have any real level of desire for a sense of belonging. Now, I share my culture and the shared values/outlooks/lifestyle that I want for a community that I would want to be a part of/feel a sense of belonging being a part of.

Key components of my culture:

  • Morning people (for the most part)

  • Don’t rush meals

  • Athletic

  • Creative

  • Organized and clean

  • Direct/real (don’t really care about clout, face, etc. don’t really buy into owing anyone anything/implied reciprocity - don’t really believe that anyone deserves anything)

  • Normal state of consciousness/cognitive and emotional experience (no getting high/drunk, no reliance on caffeine (no jitteriness, withdrawal symptoms, focus issues), etc)

  • Minimal people pleasing and don’t really care about fitting in (dress style, sexuality, cuisine, language, and really anything else that’s not a part of this list of key components)

  • Adequate level of walkability, accessibility, and convenience

  • Minimal hedonism and escapism

  • Puts fulfillment/inner peace at the top

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