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State of consciousness

State of consciousness is something that I have thought a lot about for many years. It is the reason that I have never done any drugs, including marijuana. It is the reason that I don't want to consume alcohol to the point where I actually feel it. Similarly, I do not drink coffee to the point at which I feel it. Moreover, I wouldn't take over-the-counter medicine that makes me drowsy, nor any pre-workouts. If I were to get a surgery, I wouldn’t take pain medication afterwards. I simply don't want my state of mind, especially my state of consciousness, to be altered by the consumption of substances.

It all comes down to how I perceive reality; it comes down to how I experience the world. I genuinely feel like this is my world, in which I do not care about whether there is an afterlife, there is a multiverse, there are other dimensions, or this is all just a simulation. There is a lot that I have control over, including the most important aspect myself. I know who I am. I know what I want. I know how I make decisions. Everything I do is what I want to do and I have no regrets. I am simply loving life.

Quite frankly, the idea of taking something that could just drastically alter how I feel takes away the beauty that I find in life, thus making me feel empty. This is the direct opposite of my focus on feeling fulfilled. What is the point of feeling anything if I know that it just comes from consuming a substance? How could I feel any meaning from the experience? Where is the beauty?

I would also say that being in unusual states of consciousness feels chaotic, which I do not vibe with. I have been drunk once in my life; I didn't feel like myself or even like a person in general. I do not like that to say the least. I have been sleep deprived a few times in my life, in which I could feel my perception of reality slip away; everything felt hazy. In both cases, I wasn't able to think clearly and deeply. I wasn't able to make decisions the way I do, meaning that I could end up in really messy situations or even have regrets. I do not associate these types of chaos and dissociation with who I am. I also know clearly that they do not contribute to my fulfillment in life. Therefore, not only do I avoid altering my state of consciousness with the consumption of substances, but also, I actively try to stick with my usual states of consciousness.

As a side note, it makes more and more sense to me as to why I am afraid of neurogenerative diseases.

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