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Why we do "highlights of the week"

Ever since we started the young and foolish podcast, we have ended episodes with the "highlights of the week" segment. This has always been an intentional decision. Here are the reasons why we do this segment.

1. To reflect on everything that had happened in the previous week

I have always considered reflection to be very important. It allows us to learn from our experiences, understand ourselves and how we change over time, and be mindful of how we are living our lives.

By having the "highlights of the week" segment, we ask ourselves to think about everything that occurred in the previous week and articulate the "best" parts out loud. It functions to naturally make us go through the reflection process on a weekly basis.

For those tuning in to our podcast each week, they could be inspired to or naturally made to reflect on their previous week as well.


2. To bring some positivity to our lives and the audience's

Talking about the highlights is also a great way to bring some positivity to the end of each episode. This not only adds a bit of positivity to our lives but also to the audience's.

Looking about our recent experiences and noticing the positives help us appreciate the things that we going in our lives even when other aspects aren't going so well; that little bit of positivity helps us keep moving forward.


3. To provide a bit of insight on our regular lives to each other and the audience

This podcast is about the interesting topics, our ideas and opinions, and promoting discussion, but it is also about our personalities and having fun together.

Like many people, our lives could be quite busy and the time we spend together (online or otherwise) is limited. Even during the time we do spend together, we might not necessarily talk about what is actually happening in our lives. We actually tend to talk a lot more about current events (sports, music, politics, etc), videos/podcasts, and history/philosophy. This ending segment on the "highlights of the week" is way for us to share with each other the things that has been going on in our personal lives.

Additionally, it opens a small window into our lives for the audience. It further showcases our personalities and provides some insights to who we are as people, rather than only revealing our ideas and opinions.

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