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What I don’t like about labels and what labels I would put on myself

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

When we meet new people, we often put labels on them before, during, and after the interaction. They likely put certain labels on themselves in the exchange as well. Similarly, I see labels being used on social media, on resumes, and in our stories. They are undoubtedly a fact of life and they have been since the beginning of civilization.

There are many reasons as to why I don’t like Labels. As someone who appreciates the complexities, nuances, and depth of each individual, any label feels too reductive and shallow. I do not feel like I can grasp a profound and accurate understanding of who a person is by a few labels; I don't think I can showcase who I am through any label. Additionally, I think labels could easily be misleading, stereotyped, or just ambiguous. However, I understand why they are used and I admit that they often do serve the purpose of providing a basic idea.


For that purpose of providing a basic idea, here are the labels that I would put on myself if I were to put labels on myself. I decided on three adjectives and three nouns:

Adjectives: indifferent, intentional, adaptable

Nouns: artist, thinker, learner


I will not explain why I chose these words as labels I would put on myself, as that would defeat the purpose. There is a reason as to why I like long-form conversations and more comprehensive descriptions. Hopefully, using these labels as the starting point and then examining my other blog posts, our podcast episodes, and my book, you could generate a more nuanced, accurate, and complete understanding of who I am.

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