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What I don’t like about labels and what labels I would put on myself

Updated: Jan 7

When we meet new people, we often put labels on them before, during, and after the interaction. They likely put certain labels on themselves in the exchange as well. Similarly, I see labels being used on social media, on resumes, and in our stories. They are undoubtedly a fact of life and they have been since the beginning of civilization.

There are many reasons as to why I don’t like Labels. As someone who appreciates the complexities, nuances, and depth of each individual, any label feels too reductive and shallow. I do not feel like I can grasp a profound and accurate understanding of who a person is by a few labels; I don't think I can showcase who I am through any label. Additionally, I think labels could easily be misleading, stereotyped, or just ambiguous. However, I understand why they are used and I admit that they often do serve the purpose of providing a basic idea.


For that purpose of providing a basic idea, here are the labels that I would put on myself if I were to put labels on myself. I decided on three adjectives and three nouns:

Adjectives: indifferent, intentional, adaptable

Nouns: artist, thinker, learner


I will not explain why I chose these words as labels I would put on myself, as that would defeat the purpose. There is a reason as to why I like long-form conversations and more comprehensive descriptions. Hopefully, using these labels as the starting point and then examining my other blog posts, our podcast episodes, and my book, you could generate a more nuanced, accurate, and complete understanding of who I am.

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