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The more I consume, the more I want to produce

Over the years, it has become very clear to me that I have a desire to create. Through various mediums and at varying frequencies, I have created. As someone with many interests and a passion for learning, I also consumed a lot of information and content regularly. What I have noticed in the past year is that the more that I was consuming, the stronger my desire for producing content became.

Even in my academic journey I felt this. As I was exposed to more advanced concepts and read more research papers, I wanted to get hands-on experience in the lab more and more. I wanted to be the one doing the study, conducting the experiments, and producing the reports.

This brings me to a very revealing point about my psychology. I suppose that I have always questioned why I wasn't the one doing the various things, and was instead the one consuming them. When I watched a movie, I couldn't help but ask myself why I wasn't the one doing the acting, making the film, or even living the life of certain movie characters. I would listen to music and question why I wasn't the person making the music or performing live. Whenever I was reading a book, I would think to myself why wasn't I the author and why didn't I come up these ideas? This idea has also always existed when it comes to sports. I would ask myself why I wasn't the professional athlete. When I sat in class in high school, there were moments, time and time again, where I questioned why I wasn’t the one doing the teaching. I also always had very reasonable answers to these questions, whether it was because I didn't have the potential, I didn't want to do them, I hadn't put in enough time, or I didn't want to put in the required effort. The point is that I would always ask myself these questions without fail. I always wanted to create and produce, instead of only consuming.

As I spent more time consuming content in all the different areas of my life, my urge for producing content kept growing. I also noticed this desire more and more. Moreover, I kept expanding my knowledge, broadening my perspective, and generating new ideas. There were more that I felt like I had to offer; there were more that I wanted to share.

The podcast is one of the mediums in which I channel my creative energies. It not only allows me to share my ideas but also it is an outlet for my friends and I to consume each other's ideas and experiences through candid and open discussions.

This blog is another format for me to express myself and produce content. I have many ideas, whether they are short or long. I am able to use this blog to articulate them and put them out there.

In this modern period, where people consume so much in so many ways and are addicted to screens, I think a lot of people could benefit from creating something instead. A lot of times, people just don't quite realize that they want to or that they would benefit from it. I am here telling you that the more I consume, the more I want to create; I am telling you that I profit tremendously from it mentally and emotionally. Perhaps, if you took some time to think about it, you might want to start your own creative journey.

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