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Self honesty

People lie to themselves all the time. It might make life easier at times. It often could make them feel better about themselves. However, life isn’t more fulfilling from the lies. People don't end up where they actually want to be. Like Billy Joel sang, "you can get what you want or you can just get old."

You cannot just be there saying, "I 'want' to do this" or "I'm gonna do it" or "I'll change my ways". The reality is that you're either gonna do it or not. If you’re actually gonna do it, you gotta take action. You would make a plan and follow through with it. You would hold yourself accountable. It's important to understand that genuinely wanting something means taking action. How could you possibly believe yourself when you tell yourself that you want something, when you are clearly not willing to and not planning on doing something about it?

Instead of lying to yourself, it would probably be more beneficial to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something you actually believe. Then you might want to question why you believe that and whether it really is your truth - whether that is what your genuinely want.

It’s about knowing who you are and what you want in each specific scenario and behaving true to that. It's an introspective and reflective process. It is one, which you repeat every so often, especially after new experiences.

Yes, it could be difficult to figure out your identity and desires. It could be hard to admit to yourself who are really are and what you really want. It could be a massive change to go after what you want, take action, and follow through. It could be scary to start living your life the way you actually want to. However, with all its challenges, it is the road that leads to being fulfilled and getting what you genuinely want deep down.

We benefit tremendously from being honest with ourselves.

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