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My style and aesthetic

The way we dress is another way we could express ourselves. For me, I have a particular style and aesthetic. This is a topic that I have talked about on an episode of the podcast, even having a standalone clip. Here, I will go over the key features of my style.

To start, I will provide a brief description with a few words that capture the essence of it. I consider my style to be elegant and timeless. It could often be considered overdressed in casual settings in modern North America. It would probably also be considered underdressed for anything more formal than business casual. When there is a dress code within this range of formality, I typically have outfits and pieces that would fit, which I just consider to be casual.

There are certain essential elements to my style. One aspect of that is the key colours. I am a huge fan of neutral colours: white, off-white, beige, light grey, dark grey, and black. Certain shades of brown also fit into this category. This is not to say that the use of more bold colours isn't with the compass of style. It is normal for me to incorporate shades of blue into my outfits, whether that is through denim pieces, sweaters, or jackets. I am also a big fan of pink, orange, and red; they add a lot to my outfits whilst maintaining the overall vibe. Yellow and green, on the other hand, are usually not used, even though there are certain classy or chill shades that could fit well with my style.

The other essential aspect of my style is the key pieces of clothing. First and foremost, I love turtlenecks; they are the go-to piece in fall, winter, and spring. During hotter weather, my go-to becomes v-neck t-shirts. These go-to pieces are all solid colours, mostly the neutral colours that I mentioned.

When it comes to the outer layer, my signature is the classic jackets. I love classic leather jackets, denim jackets, Harrington jackets, and blazers. I don't like anything flashy, gimmicky, or trendy. I generally do not like logos, artworks, or graphics on my clothes, especially on the backs of jackets. I want to point out that bomber jackets are not included because they don't offer anything special for me. I prefer the collars of Harrington jackets, which is what set it apart from bomber jackets. There are also simple classic leather jackets that are influenced by the bomber jacket silhouette that I would prefer over the traditional bomber jackets. For colder weathers, I wear simple neutral-coloured overcoats instead. They are also great on top of certain jackets, providing an aesthetically cool and functionally versatile layered look.

For bottoms, I generally stick to denim. Sometimes, I also incorporate slacks, for more interesting fabrics and simple patterns. For some reason, white pants are particularly attractive to me, whether they are denim or slacks. This includes off-white as well.

The last essential aspect of my style is the fit. My clothes are all tight-fitting. I do not like loose and baggy clothes, especially when it comes to shirts and sweaters. Similarly, pants should not be too "flowy", as I want to see the shape and form of my beautiful legs.

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