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My creed

For me, life is about feeling fulfilled. With an intimate and nuanced understanding of who I am and what I want, I consistently make intentional decisions in all aspects of my life to maximize my sense of fulfillment. I embody this, even at the very start and the very end of every single day:

"I wake up every morning looking forward to getting more things done and just living more life; I go to bed every night accepting the possibility that I may never wake again."

To address the first part, a major aspect of truly being fulfilled is always having things that I genuinely want to do, whether that is the basic but essential everyday activities or the myriad of interests and hobbies that I have. Right from the get-go, I want to dive into all those things, as opposed to wasting away in bed. If I genuinely want to relax in bed, I would set a time for that later in the day and do it without any distractions. "Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool" by myself is an activity on its own and I treat it as such. When it is time for it, that's all I would do; I would drop everything else. Similarly, when it is time for other activities, they would be all I would be doing. There is no procrastination and no waiting, even if they're things planned for the very start of the day.

For the second part, it is about how feeling fulfilled means accepting mortality. The rationale is that I got what I wanted and I am getting what I want, so if it all ends now, I am okay with it; I am fulfilled enough with my life for any given day to be the last - I have lived enough, so to speak. When I close my eyes at the end of the evening, there is peace within. I am not afraid. I am not bothered. In fact, I embrace the possibility that I may never wake again.

Interestingly, by accepting my mortality, I feel even more free to pursue all the various things that enhances my sense of fulfillment, consequently making me more fulfilled. If you don't accept your mortality, you would be more focused on being alive, as opposed to actually living. Your focus wouldn't be on figuring out and then going after what you want out of your limited mortal life. Dying is one of the "worst" things that could happen, if that doesn't bother you or scare you as a potential consequence, then it would obviously be much easier to just go after things.

This creates a loop where I feel more fulfilled as a result of that freedom and thus more accepting of "the end", which further induces that freedom.

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