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One year of posting weekly blog posts

I have been writing and posting blog posts on a weekly basis since this time last year. After one whole year of this exercise, here are some interesting things I noticed.

The first thing I noticed is very apparent to me. I can feel, even during this process, that my ability to articulate my thoughts and express my feelings has improved drastically. It has become much easier and quicker to find the words, phrasing, and overall style to accurately share my perspective. While I had known how I thought and felt about various things, this year-long exercise has provided me with additional clarity inside my head. It is likely that these two areas of improvement work in a cyclic manner, enhancing each other. When I get better at writing out my ideas, those ideas become more clear in my mind. When I gain more clarity within my head about my ideas, the facility of expressing them externally increases.

Another interesting thing I noticed is the volume at which I talk about decision-making, or rather, the way so many of my ideas could be intimately connected to decision-making. I had always considered my decision-making process as one of my most important, relevant, and fascinating ideas. However, it is throughout writing about all these other ideas throughout this past year that allowed me to realize that they very frequently can be tied back to making decisions. Moreover, I recognized different criticisms one could have about my decision-making process and I addressed them thoughtfully. There is one argument that I haven't addressed, so I'll do that now. I can see how the process of thinking through everything can seem exhausting to people and perhaps even anxiety-inducing. However, in the long run, as long as you truly know yourself and your desires, it ends up being a lot less exhausting than dealing with the inevitable unwanted consequences of making decisions without putting in the effort to consider the many different possibilities. Certain opportunities can be hard to come by, if you didn't see that possibility and prepare for it, then those rare occasions are likely missed. Easily predictable and avoidable accidents could have life-altering results, so why wouldn't you save yourself from them and from the regrets you would probably feel. At the very least, both your efficiency and enjoyment in your day-to-day life would increase drastically. I mean, would you really prefer not thinking through things over not having to go back home for things you forgot or not showing up to things late?

Going forward, blog posts will continue to be released; however, I will no longer fully commit to posting on a weekly basis.

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