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As the basis, I prefer equality over equity

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I have always liked equality more than equity/fairness. In the example shown below, as the default, I actually prefer equality. I prefer that people would go after what they want; I prefer that people would act out of kindness. I think people can ask each other for help and people can offer help to each other, as opposed to simply giving more to disadvantaged people systematically. I would like it if people were given equality, instead of all the failed attempts at fairness. I believe that well-adjusted people in a well-adjusted society would actually function better organically with equality as the basis and would ironically achieve equity more consistently, as equality is simpler, simplicity often functions better, and well-adjusted people would try to have things function well.

Now, I think plenty of people are not well-adjusted and the global society as a whole has many problems. I have said this many times in various media but I genuinely believe that the biggest problem in the world is that too many people do not know who they are as individuals, what they truly want on a profound level, and how to consistently make decisions based on those essential factors. With this being the case, it is difficult to believe that most people would actually behave in a way that would effectuate fairness. Unfortunately, if people are simply given equality at the current state, equity would probably arise somewhat infrequently. Here is the question that really matters: if systems were to change the goal into giving people equality, would there be more equity as an organic result compared to all the current failed and convoluted attempts at equity/fairness?


Honestly, thinking about it now, a relevant personal experience to add is how I only want help with I ask for help. Similarly, I only help when I am asked to help or granted consent to help when I offer to help. Sometimes, people/I want to struggle. Sometimes, people/I would rather deal with the consequences of things not working out or failing than to succeed with unconsented help. If there is a baseline level of support/help, I prefer that to be equal, then I would have the choice/autonomy in how I want to ultimately sort things out.

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