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Why I openly and candidly share my personal thoughts

For the better part of the last year, I have been openly and candidly sharing my personal thoughts, whether that is through the podcast, the blog, or the book I released. Here, I present the reasons as to why I do it.

For as long as I had a phone, which is since 2013, I had always written down my thoughts and ideas. It was a way to document everything and ensure I don't forget. It also acted somewhat like a journal at times. I suppose I always wanted to have something to look back on; I appreciate being able to read my thoughts, ideas, feelings, and how much more developed they have become over the years.

When I share them, I further develop them and I articulate them better. I believe that the ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings is great for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of yourself, which has always been something important to me.

One of the problems I see nowadays, that gets in the way of developing that understanding, is that people struggle with openness and vulnerability. I want to address that and be an example.

Even for those who don't have those problems, I think my thoughts could be insightful and interesting. They could benefit the audience, at least by provoking thoughts and expanding their perspectives.

Lastly, I put everything out there because I don’t feel like people understand me. I never feel like people understand me. I don’t think it’s easy, since my understanding of even some of the most common and basic concepts are vastly different than the "norm". Honestly, I have come to realize that it isn't a big deal and it doesn't affect my sense of fulfilment in life. However, I would also admit that it would be nice if people did. If people wanted to understand, I would like them to have direct and easy access to how I perceive the world and how I live my life, as a way to ease the process.

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