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Why I love cafés

When it comes down to it, I love cafés for the vibes. The interior design of cafés could be very different from each other, but I usually end up liking it. Even most Starbucks are designed in a way that I like.

A major aspect of the overall vibe is the people there. I love seeing strangers just working, reading, chatting, and chilling around me. It makes the place feel alive while still remaining chill. This unique balanced energy always makes it more natural for me to form connections with people, have open dialogues, and generate new ideas.

As someone who loves having beverages while doing work, being in a café is ideal. Just having something to sip on makes the experience more enjoyable and helps me focus. I happen to be a fan of several drinks commonly found on café menus, especially black coffee, cappuccino, andmy favouriteLondon fog.

For some reason, Starbucks tend to be better for getting work done compared to other cafés. I'm not sure if it is due to my familiarity with the ambiance that is universal to Starbucks locations or if it is caused by the specific style of interior design itself. However, I also find Starbucks to be less suitable for reading and pondering. This pushes me to alternate between different cafés, which I love. Or perhaps, it makes me love cafés more. Realistically, it is most likely a two-way street.

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