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Why I choose to wake up early

Most people would agree that sleep and routine are both extremely important aspects of our day-to-day lives. However, it seems to me that there often isn't an emphasis on intentionally deciding on when to wake up. I feel like people tend to just make sure they wake up on time for work or school, as opposed to thinking about other factors. I think there are many benefits to waking up early. Here are the reasons as to why I personally choose to wake up early regularly.

One of the biggest reasons I choose to wake up early is that I feel more fresh and productive in the morning, as opposed to during late nights. If I am going to be awake for the same amount of hours in any given day, it makes more sense for me to be awake during the early mornings.

Another major reason in which I decide to wake up early is the beauty of sunrises. I get a lot out of waking up early and experiencing the morning sunrise. It undoubtedly contributes a significant amount to my fulfillment in life.

To be completely honest, I also wake up early simply to combat my sleep troubles. From the period between 10 pm to 1 am, I tend to find it very difficult to fall asleep. If I were to sleep at 2 am, I wouldn't get the benefits of the previous factors mentioned. Additionally, there would be situations where I would be late for classes and whatnot. Well, I suppose I could decide to sleep for less hours and be on time in those situations, but sleep and feeling refreshed are too important to me. Therefore, the simple solution is to be asleep before 10 pm. This way, I could get the benefits I previously mentioned, be on time for everything, and feel refreshed.

The combination of these three major reasons also ensures that I get a good start to every single day. It makes the rest of the day easier for me.

There are some other benefits I don't care too much about, as they are not relevant or important to me. However, they are more than relevant enough to talk about for the purpose providing more context to my perspective and reasoning. For example, I recognize that sleeping early and waking up early could be the solution if you think these following things are detrimental to your life: going out partying, binge watching, gaming, scrolling through social media/dating apps, and many more. I don't engage too much in these things and thus do not face problems with them, meaning that I don't have consider these when I decide when to sleep and wake up. I will point out that crime rates are higher at night too; you don't have to deal with that if you are asleep at home. Similarly, you don't have to deal with traffic in the early mornings. Luckily, I don't have to deal with traffic in general in my everyday life. People also choose to wake up early to find time to exercise and have breakfast. For me, I could work out anytime in the day and don't have problems with finding time for it, though I usually choose to work out in the morning. When I first started waking up early regularly, I considered the breakfast factor. It definitely makes it easier to have a proper breakfast, as you have more time before work or school to cook breakfast and you can wait longer after you wake up so your appetite develops. It is something that I appreciate a lot but at the same time, it isn't an important factor in my decision-making process. Currently, I am actually doing intermittent fasting so it isn't even relevant.

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