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What makes me feel fulfilled

A key theme in my writing and the podcast episodes is my lifelong pursuit for fulfillment. However, what exactly makes me feel fulfilled in life? What are the main contributing factors? For many, the major contributing factor to their fulfillment is happiness, success, love, purpose, family, sense of belonging, fame, wealth, attention, power, or lasting impact. For me, the two most significant contributing factors by far are the sense of meaningfulness and the sense of beauty.

To clarify, I don’t think things or experiences are objectively meaningful or even subjectively meaningful, but certain things and experiences definitely feel meaningful to me. That feeling contributes significantly to my sense of fulfilment. Some experiences that fall into this category are deep interpersonal connections, staying true to who I am and how I want to live (which covers a lot lol), and various activities/hobbies (most of which I also find beautiful).

Feeling that things are beautiful or life itself is beautiful also contributes immensely to my sense of fulfillment. This category includes things like enjoying a hot bath, watching the sunrise (which sometimes also feel meaningful), chilling at a nice beach, dressing according to my style, being in an environment that is designed for people (as opposed to cars or wild life), and consuming artistic expressions that speak to me (including sports/MMA).

There are some key things that overlap both categories and contribute significantly to my sense of fulfillment. Some of these things are everyday activities, others are consistent hobbies in my life, and a few are more rare or special experiences. In no particular order, here are those key things: being in love/getting heartbroken, working out regularly (but in specific ways that I like), going for walks (especially in environments that I like), taking some time to enjoy my meals without rushing, learning languages that I am really interested in, sleeping at a consistent time and for consistent amount of hours (sleep early and wake up early), and travelling with people who are compatible travelling partners.

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