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What home is for

I have talked about how I have a different understanding of many basic ideas and how my lifestyle is atypical in many ways. Well, this is another example of that. My idea of what home is for is also uncommon.

Thinking about it, I have realized that I see home only as a place to cook, shower, and sleep. It can be a solid setting to work as well, if there is a decent table and chair. Using a little space and spending a couple hundred dollars, I also enjoy using it for working out, but it doesn't have to be used for that. Overall, to me, home just isn't the primary place for recreation and living.

Generally speaking, as opposed to being at home, I would rather go for walks. I would rather chill at cafes, parks, public squares, and beaches. I would prefer to be playing sports, either inside or outside. I would even do things like watching a movie at the theatre by myself on a weekday afternoon (it is actually so nice to have an empty theatre and the big screen to yourself in the middle of the day). Less frequent activities I enjoy doing outside of home include live sporting events, opera concerts, and interesting art exhibitions at museums.

Once again, I just don't find myself seeing much appeal for being at home. I am not the type to binge TV, YouTube, or shows. I don't want to lie in bed or sit on the couch all day. I don't play much video games (nowadays, I straight-up do not play any). I also think it's a nicer experience reading outside or at cafes. The only time I regularly read at home is when I wind down just before I sleep.

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