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What does it mean to want something? (Decision making) | Young and Foolish Podcast - 3

Updated: May 28, 2021

Another week, another episode! George Wang, Lorenzo Sierra, and Raymond Xiao discuss what it means to want and to need. They expand onto different thought processes behind decision making. George Wang shares his personal and unusual interpretation of what it means to want, highlighting the differences between surface-level and profound desires. He then relates it to decision making, being intentional, and understanding oneself. They finish this week's topic by discussing the social pressures and influences that often affect how people make decisions and how they think about what they want. Finally, they go over the highlights of their lives in the last couple weeks. (You'll want to hear what Raymond has been up to!)


“I never feel like I need to do something.” – George Wang

“When you want something enough, it becomes a need.” – Raymond Xiao

“What you should do is what you genuinely want to do on a profound level.” – George Wang

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