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Timeline in life | Young and Foolish Podcast - 38

The young and foolish podcast discuss the concept of timeline in life. Specifically, they focus on how people often think that there are certain things that you are supposed to do and even specific times you're supposed to do them at. They point out the most key aspects of this concept: school, career, marriage, and parenthood. The guys talk about the traditional viewpoints and social norms on these areas. They mention how the commonly expected and most socially accepted timelines are different in different cultures. They also address the newer alternative lifestyles and timelines that are becoming popular from the promotion of social media and influencers. George emphasizes on the importance of realizing that everyone can have their own timeline in life and do not need to subscribe to any existing ones (traditional nor alternative), of understanding that people do have different timelines and that is okay, of accepting that things don't always work out the way you'd hope and your ideal timeline might not play out perfectly if you have an ideal timeline in life. They end the episode with the highlights of their week, all of which related to school.

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