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The appeal of combat sports | Young and Foolish Podcast - 37

This week, Jasper Chao comes on the young and foolish podcast as a guest and discusses the appeal of combat sports (MMA, kickboxing, BJJ, martial arts in general). They talk about how the big personalities, drama, storylines, and build up of the fights (press conferences, interviews, weigh-ins) bring in a lot of attention to sport. They also bring up the artistry of the technical aspects, focusing on how interesting it is to see the different styles and techniques match up. Then they go over the history and progression of MMA and how the meta changed over time (BJJ and calf kicks). George Wang points out the success of other promotions, which helps to grow the sport worldwide and provide more opportunities for those trying to pursue combat sports as a career. The guys marvel over the incredible innate knockout power and iron chins of some of the legends of the sport. Finally, George gives credit to The Ultimate Fighter reality TV show, sharing how much of an impact it has had on growing the sport. The guys also share their experience with martial arts and why George and Jasper pursued their black belts.

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