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Simplest way to describe my decision making process

My focus is on living intentionally and feeling fulfilled. I could even say that is my creed. My decision making process certainly reflects that. Here, I break down that process into the simplest steps.

Whether it is a basic activity or a potentially lifechanging experience, I decide if I actually want to do it through these steps. I first think about what I would get out of it. If I basically get nothing out of it, then I obviously wouldn't do it. If I get something out of it, I ask myself whether that contributes to my fulfillment in life. If it doesn’t, then the answer would be no. If whatever I get out of an experience does, I continue on to ask myself whether that would contribute to my overall fulfillment more than other things I would realistically be doing with that time would. Through this sequence of questions, I am able to consistently spend my time doing what I genuinely want to be doing - what makes me feel fulfilled in life.

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