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Simplest way to describe my decision making process

My focus is on living intentionally and feeling fulfilled. I could even say that is my creed. My decision making process certainly reflects that. Here, I break down that process into the simplest steps.

Whether it is a basic activity or a potentially lifechanging experience, I decide if I actually want to do it through these steps. I first think about what I would get out of it. If I basically get nothing out of it, then I obviously wouldn't do it. If I get something out of it, I ask myself whether that contributes to my fulfillment in life. If it doesn’t, then the answer would be no. If whatever I get out of an experience does, I continue on to ask myself whether that would contribute to my overall fulfillment more than other things I would realistically be doing with that time would. Through this sequence of questions, I am able to consistently spend my time doing what I genuinely want to be doing - what makes me feel fulfilled in life.

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George Wang
George Wang
19 nov 2022

Another way to phrase it:

  1. Develop a profound and nuanced understanding of yourself, your values, and your desires. (Know what makes you fulfilled in life.)

  2. Know your options (including "more extreme" or "weird" ones).

  3. Think through all the consequences of each option.

  4. Choose the option that maximizes the chances of getting what you want (and/or maximizes the chances of avoiding what you really don't want).

  5. Live with your decision and be at peace.

  6. Repeat this decision-making process for everything in your life (big and small).

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