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Our scariest experiences and our biggest fears | Young and Foolish Podcast - 26

The guys of the young and foolish podcast share their scariest experiences and their biggest fears on this week's episode, as it is close to Halloween. Lorenzo starts off by telling his stories related to traffic and crossing the street. George lets us know about his stupid and unreasonable decision as a child, in which he put his heel in a moving motorbike's wheel. Raymond then talks about some of his scary memories from back in China. The guys then talk about different fears they have or have had. George gives examples of how much he fears heights. Lorenzo brings up an insightful point about how he is afraid of small lapses in judgements in regular life that could have drastic consequences. They also talk about how they were afraid of the dark as children and how that has changed. Raymond apparently lives in an haunted house! Lastly, they discuss how scary neurodegenerative diseases are, focusing on Alzheimer's and the story of patient HM. They end the episode with the "highlights of the week" segment, relating mostly to the midterm season. However, George shares a couple very interesting highlights!

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