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Identity (What makes a person who they are) | Young and Foolish Podcast - 51

This week, the young and foolish podcast take on an ageless philosophical question: what makes a person who they are. They talk about the different factors and labels people often use to describe themselves and others. The guys point out how those labels are often very shallow and reveal little about the individual's identity. They also think about the relationship between action and identity - are you what you do? Are you what you repeatedly do? Then they dive into deeper and more revealing aspects of a person's identity, such as intensions, attitudes, and feelings. Finally, they share what they think really makes someone who they are, starting with George Wang, who believes in looking at a person's profound desires, motivations, fears, decision-making process, and typical day. From there, the guys present various perspectives on how much a person can really know themselves and how much/how often a person's identity could change. To finish the episode, they go over their highlights of the week.

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