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I don’t like it when people try to change others’ minds

People love to convince others of things. I don't like that; I don't like it when people try to change others’ minds.

I like it when people present facts as facts and opinions as opinions. I like it when people provoke thoughts and have discussions. I believe in allowing people to make their own conclusions and form their own stances.

In discussions, facts and statistics are important. Examples could be useful and impactful. However, if it is your opinion, the conclusion that you drew, or your interpretation of what transpired, I don't want that to be presented as a fact or an "official" conclusion. I’ll make up my own mind about it anyway but I don’t like things being presented that way.

Similarly, I don't like people telling me who the "good" guys or "bad" guys are. I don't like it when people label acts as "evil". It isn't that difficult to simply state what they did, the effects of it, and the various potential reasons as to why they did it. Maybe, more information on who they are and the context everything takes place in could be provided as well.

On the subject of those subjective labels, I prefer if people told me what they think and why they think that without them. However, if they are used, I definitely want them to tell me their definition and criteria for it. For example, I want you to tell me that you like a song as opposed to telling me that a song is "good". If you do state that a song is "good", then please let me know what criteria you are using to determine that and what other songs you are using as comparison. As another example, I want you to tell me whether you support a person or a cause and why you take that stance. If you choose to label it as "good", then please inform me on the moral framework you are using.

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