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Finding beauty in life | Young and Foolish Podcast - 25

This week on the young and foolish podcast, the guys talk about the things that they find beautiful in life and why it is important to find and appreciate the beauty of life. They start off by acknowledging the beauty of nature, pointing out the magic of sunrise, starry nights, and hikes. Lorenzo relates this topic to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. George Wang talks about the beauty of efficiency, progression/evolution, and various activities. Raymond lets us know about the many aspects of working out that makes him find it beautiful. Lastly, they talk about the beauty of different mediums of artistic expression. George and Lorenzo focus on why the context of an artwork is an important factor in whether they find it beautiful. They discuss the history, the artistic movements, and the homages that are associated with some of their favourite painters, paintings, and artworks in general. George Wang also highlights why so much of what he finds beautiful is in how the thing makes him feel. They end the episode by going over the highlights of this past week, mostly relating to the midterm season in university.

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