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Dark Clouds

About Us

We started Young and Foolish podcast in 2021 with the aim of inspiring people to engage in candid long-form dialogues that deepen their understanding of themselves, others, and the modern world. We believe that critical thinking, open discussions, and interpersonal connections are essential in the process of solving both personal and societal problems.


Born in 2000, we are a few young and foolish guys who are trying to make sense of this complicated world. Each week, we discuss relevant and interesting topics on life, society, and philosophy.


Tune into our conversations and let us know your thoughts on the topics. 

George Wang

George Wang

Favourite foods: ChongQing hot pot, Various pasta dishes 

Favourite beverages: London Fog, Yerba Mate, Aperol Spritz

Hobbies: Learning languages, Playing and watching sports (basketball, world football/soccer), Cooking, Going for walks, Chilling at cafes, Reading

With a focus on living intentionally and feeling fulfilled, I wake up every morning looking forward to getting things done; I go to bed every night accepting the fact that I may never wake up again. Bringing this attitude and my background in science, languages and cultures, martial arts, and music, I offer my unique point of view which sparks many fascinating conversations. Moreover, I put myself in others' shoes and look at situations from numerous perspectives, providing more nuance to our discussions. 

Black Water

Lorenzo Sierra

Favourite Restaurants: McDonalds for something quick and cheap, and Sal y Limón (local to my area) for some fantastic Mexican cuisine.

Hobbies & Passions: FPS gaming with friends, Relaxing, and Parkour.

Having always been what I can best describe as "thinker", my teen years saw me exploring and researching some fundamental questions that many people naturally have as they age out of childhood and into adolescence and adulthood. The ultimate outcome of all these experiences over many years saw me adopting a very flexible personal philosophy, as I feel such things are incredibly subjective. In addition, from learning from my personal experiences, I borrow ideas from philosophies I find agreeable, such as stoicism, Buddhism, and a few others. Though there are several ideals and concepts that have been firmly held in my belief system/philosophy over many years, I like to let my way of thinking ebb and flow until I find what works best for me at the time. 

Lorenzo Sierra
Black Sky
Raymond Xiao
Black Sky

Raymond Xiao

Addictions: Caffeine

Favourite pastimes: Enjoying the outdoors (hiking, walking, camping, traveling, etc), Weight lifting, Food tasting/Cooking, Learning, and Gaming with friends

Learning from past experiences, I have developed certain ideologies and personal takes on the world. With a drive to acquire and be more open to newfound knowledge, I make it a goal to learn from this experience as well as to help others along the way. I enjoy listening to what others have to offer with their experiences and understandings in various topics in order to add upon my own; thus, allowing me to build similar ideas and key concepts of my own in my journey for personal growth.

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